This is a very long trip and the latest you can complete the trip is to start the trip at the following times:
  1. Kansai Airport - 12:44
  2. Shin Osaka - 13:46
  3. Kyoto - 14:12
In addition, the above times need tight connections, so people without much experience in Japan may want to allow extra time.

If you cannot make the trip directly from the airport (if for example your flight is too late), then we advise getting as far as Kanazawa as there is a quick transfer option to Madarao Kogen first thing in the morning.

The basic route here is Kansai Airport → Shin Osaka Station → Kanakawa Station → Iiyama Station → Madarao Kogen, so that 3 trains and 1 bus with 4 changes. If you can, fly into Tokyo rather than Osaka.

For peace of mind always go for the Reserved Seat Option. Here's how you do it!

Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka Station
  1. Kansai Airport, being a modern airport, built in the 90s on reclaimed land, can be a joy to use. International Arrivals are on the 1st floor, and passengers need to go up to the 2nd floor to get across to the train stations.
  2. There are 2 stations, JR and Nankai. While Nankai can be a good option for downtown Osaka, the whole of the trip to Nozawa Onsen is on JR.
  3. Head to the ticket counter  and purchase a ticket all the way to Nozawa Onsen. At a minimum you will be given 4 tickets. You'll have a base fare ticket, then 3 express tickets for the faster trains you'll be taking.
  4. The train from Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka is called the "Haruka" and it is a modern express train. The trip from Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka takes about 55 minutes. Being an airport transfer express, there is some luggage space in each car, but skis and boards may be difficult.

Transfer at Shin Osaka Station
  1. Shin Osaka is the main shinkansen bullet train station in Osaka.
  2. You will arrive at platforms 1-3 and and need to get to platform 4.
  3. You'll arrive on the ground level and can take the escalators or elevators up to the main concourse level if you arrive at platform 1-2.

Shin Osaka to Kanazawa
  1. This trip takes about 160 minutes.
  2. It is important to note that there are no food or beverage sales on any trains on this route, and as it will take up to 4 hours, picking up a few snacks at Shin Osaka Station is a good idea.

Transfer at Kanazawa Station
  1. The Kanazawa Station is the only station in Japan on the list of World’s Most Beautiful Train Stations at Travel + Leisure Magazine.
  2. You'll be arriving at platform 1 or 2, and from there you need to generally get to platform 11-14.
  3. Upon arrival take the escalator down to the main concourse, and follow the signs that say transfer to Shinkansen. Remember to collect your tickets as you pass through the gate. It will pop up about 3/4 of the way down the Ticket Gate.

JR from Kanazawa to Iiyama
  1. There are 2 types of trains that run on this line from Kanazawa.
    The Kagayaki Train is the fastest train. It only stops at Toyama, Nagano, Omiya and Ueno before arriving at Tokyo.
    The Hakutaka Train is a bit slower as it stops at more stations along the way. All trains carry on to Tokyo, so that is listed as the destination on the train. The Hakutaka stops at Iiyama, where is your destination.
  2. Note that there is very limited storage space on these trains as most Japanese do not travel with large luggage (they send it on ahead via courier). If traveling with a lot of luggage (especially skis / boards) it can be difficult (and uncomfortable) to travel this way.
  3. The route aloing the Japan sea coast offers great scenery. On the left of the train are long stretches of the Japan Sea, while on the right are the Toyama side of the Northern Alps.

Arrival at Iiyama
  1. At Iiyama Station you arrive at platform 11 at 2/F. There are staircase and escalator at the middle of the platform.
  2. 1/F is the main concourse level. Exit through the Main Exit ticket gates (you don't get your tickets back here), head to Chikumashikawa Exit. There are staircase and escalator on the right. Take one of them down to the ground floor.
  3. Walk down to Bus Stop 1. There are 2 buses depart from bus stop 1, take the Express Tangram line. The bus stops at Madarao Kogen Hotel and Tangram Madarao. The bus connects the arrival time of the shinkansen from Tokyo.

Iiyama to Madarao Kogen
  1. This trip takes 30 minutes to Madarao Kogen Hotel, and 50 minutes to Tangram Madarao depending on road and weather conditions.
  2. The last stop is Tangram Madarao.

Fares / Travel Times
  1. Kansai Airport to Iiyama Trains - Fare 14,000yen - Travel Time approx 6 hours
  2. Iiyama to Madarao Kogen Hotel- Fare 700yen - Travel Time 30 minutes
  3. Iiyama to Tangram Madarao- Fare 900yen - Travel Time 50 minutes
  4. Total: Approx 14,900 yen per person - Travel Time including transfer and waiting time approx 7-7.5 hours
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