Tangram Ski Cirus is owned and operated by the Tokyu Group, One of  Japan's largest transport, accommodation, and shopping businesses. Over summer the area turns into a top knotch golf resort.

While smaller than neighboring Madarao Kogen Ski Area (the 2 are linked at the top), Tangram still has plenty to offer, especially for those still learning, or looking to have fun on the snow in other ways. In many ways this is the ideal resort for families in Japan.

There is a playground and nursery, and other activities for kids. With a hot spring and a swimming pool, there are evening and morning activities as well. And for those with a wilder side, Snow Mobile activities are also possible.

Everyone should try to get to the summit as the views down over Lake Nojiri are spectactular, and Mt Myoko is also visible in the distance.

For a great vacation in an all-in-one resort, Tangram may be  the way to go.

Trail Map (PDF)
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