Akakura Kanko / Akakura Onsen Ski Resorts

Akakura Kanko and Akakura Onsen Ski Resorts are the major, and most centrally located resorts in Myoko Kogen.

The twin resorts are generally easily accessible from most accommodation properties in Central Akakura.

On the Southern side (the left hand side facing the resorts) is the Akakura Kanko Resort or "Akkan" for short. In the middle of the resort is the Akakura Kanko Hotel, the highest ranked hotel in Myoko Kogen, and often difficult to get rooms in. From the Base the Myoko Kogen Sky Cable Gondola rapidly lifts guests from the base to near the summit (2.6km long). The other lifts on the resort are all quads, so getting around is quite easy, without much waiting in line, except on peak days.

The bottom of the resorts is wide beginners slopes, while the upper parts are mostly intermediate and above.

On the Northern side is Akakura Onsen ski resort. While larger than Akakura Kanko, it is not as high.

Ther are more easier runs on this side of the mountain, and while the Akakuran Kanko seems to benefit from better planning and linking lifts, Akakura Onsen is more random.

A combined ticket at both resorts is 5,000yen per day, or you can ski them seperately for 4,200yen per day.
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