When using JR note that each train has a base fare, then a surcharge for express trains and shinkansen bullet trains. When purchasing a ticket on this route at Narita Airport you will get 3 tickets. For peace of mind always go for the Reserved Seat Option.
  1. A Base Fare ticket from Narita Airport to Nagano
  2. An Express Ticket for the Narita Express Train from Narita Airport to Toyko Station. This will have your car and seat number on it.
  3. A Super Express Ticket for the Hokuriku Shinkansen Bullet train from Tokyo to Nagano. This will have your car and seat number on it.

Here's how you do it!

Narita Airport to Tokyo Station
  1. At Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 at Narita Airport head down to the basement and head to the JR ticket window. Purchase a ticket all the way to Nagano. 
  2. Check the ticket for the departure time, and check the platform number on the overhead signs neat the ticket gate entrance.
  3. At the Ticket Gate insert tickets 1 & 2 from above (Base Fare and Express Ticket). Remember to collect your tickets as you pass through the gate. It will pop up about 3/4 of the way down the Ticket Gate.
  4. Head down to the platform and locate your car number as designated on the platform.
  5. Board your train and take your assigned seats. There is luggage storage at the front of the car.
  6. This train takes about 60-75 minutes to get to Tokyo Station

Arrival at Tokyo Station (this is where it gets confusing)
  1. You'll be arriving at Underground platforms #1-4 (Note that there are three different platforms #1-4 at Tokyo Station, but as long as you think Underground you'll be right).
  2. On exiting the train, you need to get yourself to the Shinkansen Bullet Train platforms #20-23.
  3. First thing to do is to catch the escalators up to the main concourse. There are very long single escalators, and also combined ones (where you get off one and the on to another).
  4. Follow the icons on the signs with a Green Bullet train (not the blue one).
  5. On arrival at the Shinkansen ticket gate, check the platform number.
  6. At this ticket gate you will need to insert tickets #1 and #3 above (again remember to collect them again as you pass through the ticket gate
  7. Take the escalator up to the correct platform and find your assigned car.
  8. Allow a minimum of 20 minutes between trains. More if it is your first time
  9. Note, the trains generally arrive about 15 minutes before departure, but need to be cleaned before you can board.

Tokyo to Nagano
  1. There are 3 types of trains that run on this line.
    The Kagayaki Train is the fastest train. It only stops at Ueno, Omiya, before arriving at Nagano (the trains all continue on to Kanazawa so will display Kanazawa as the destination in the car window). Travel time is apprx. 90 minutes
    The Hakutaka Train is a bit slower as it stops at more stations along the way. Again all trains carry on to Kanazawa, so that is listed as the destination on the train. Travel time is approx 100-120 min.
    The slowest train is the Asama. The train stops at most stations between Tokyo and Nagano. It ends in Nagano, so the destination in the window of the train is Nagano. Travel time is 120-140min.
  2. Note that there is very limited storage space on these trains as most Japanese do not travel with large luggage (they send it on ahead via courier). If traveling with a lot of luggage (especially skis / boards) it can be difficult (and uncomfortable) to travel this way.

Arrival at Nagano
  1. At Nagano Station you arrive at ground level and need to go up to the ticket gate exit. If you are towards the rear of the train (cars #6 and below) there is a staircase to the fore. There is also an escalator near car number 10, and an elevator.
  2. One you get to the main concourse level there are 2 sets of gates. One connects to other JR Train lines (you do not want to pass through this one), and the other is the main exit.
  3. Exit through the Main Exit ticket gates (you don't get your tickets back here), and turn left.
  4. About 30 meters down on the left is an elevator. Take this down to the level 1 (ground floor).
  5. At the ground floor exit the elevator and do a 180 degree turn and walk down to Bus Stop 23 & 24. This is where the buses to Shiga Kogen Depart from.
  6. The bus service is provided by Nagaden Bus and you can find the bus timetable Here

Nagano to Shiga Kogen
  1. This trip takes 70-90 minutes depending on road and weather conditions
  2. Make sure your bus is going to the right part of Shiga Kogen. All buses go to Hasuike,but from there some buses head over to Oku Shiga Kogen, while others head up to the Kumanoyu / Yokoteyama area.
Fares / Travel Times
  1. Narita to Nagano Trains - Fare 10,500yen to 11,500yen - Travel Time approx 3.5 hours
  2. Nagano to Shiga Kogen Bus - Fare 1,700yen to 2,000yen - Travel Time 70-90 minutes
  3. Total: Approx 13,500yen per person - Travel Time including transfer and waiting time approx 5-5.5 hours
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