This is a very long trip and you cannot make the trip directly from the airport (as the last bus deaprts Nagano Station 12:30), then we advise getting as far as Nagano as there is a quick transfer option to Shiga Kogen first thing in the morning.

    The basic route here is Kansai Airport → Shin Osaka Station → Nagoya Station → Nagano Station → Shiga Kogen, so thats 3 trains and 1 bus with 2 train changes. If you can, fly into Tokyo rather than Osaka.

    For peace of mind always go for the Reserved Seat Option. Here's how you do it!

    Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka Station
    1. Kansai Airport, being a modern airport, built in the 90s on reclaimed land, can be a joy to use. International Arrivals are on the 1st floor, and passengers need to go up to the 2nd floor to get across to the train stations.
    2. There are 2 stations, JR and Nankai. While Nankai can be a good option for downtown Osaka, the whole of the trip to Shiga Kogen is on JR.
    3. Head to the ticket counter  and purchase a ticket all the way to Nagano. At a minimum you will be given 4 tickets. You'll have a base fare ticket, then 3 express tickets for the faster trains you'll be taking.
    4. The train from Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka is called the "Haruka" and it is a modern express train. The trip from Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka takes about 55 minutes. Being an airport transfer express, there is some luggage space in each car, but skis and boards may be difficult.

    Transfer at Shin Osaka Station
    1. Shin Osaka is the main shinkansen bullet train station in Osaka.
    2. You will arrive at platforms 1-3 and and need to get to platforms 23-27.
    3. You'll arrive on the ground level and can take the escalators or eleveators up to the main concourse level. Head west to the Shinkansen ticket gates (If you're unsure which tickets to use, ask one of the staff on duty and they will assist). After going through the gates check the departure board to get your platform number, and head up the escalator to the platform.
    4. Electronic Signboards will tell you the location of your car number. Note that the trains are 400m long so you need to be standing at the right place on the platform before the train arrives.
    5. When the train arrives, allow the passengers disembarking to get off first, then get on and find your seat. The train will only stop for about 90 seconds, so it is important you are at the right place at the right time.

    Shin Osaka to Nagoya
    1. This trip takes about 50 minutes and most trains will only stop at Kyoto before reaching Nagoya.

    Transfer at Nagoya Station
    1. From the outside, Nagoya Station looks quite modern, but much of the interior is a old and a bit rundown. It is however much easier to navigate than Shin Osaka.
    2. You'll be arriving at platform 14 or 15, and from there you need to generally get to platform 10.
    3. Upon arrival take the escalator down to the main Shinkansen concourse, and follow the signs that say transfer to JR Lines. You'll need to go through a set of ticket gate which will gobble up one of your tickets.
    4. There is a underground passage that links to the platforms, with staircases going up each side.

    JR from Nagoya to  Nagano
    1. The basic trip here is from Nagoya to Nagano on the Limited Express Wide View Shinano.
    2. It is important to note that there are no food or beverage sales on any trains on this route, and as it will take up to 3 hours, picking up a few snacks at Nagoya Station is a good idea.
    3. The Wide View Shinano is a comfortable train the winds it's way up the valleys along the JR Chuo line, to Shiojiri, where it then switches to the JR Shinano Line to Nagano. It is however, what is called a furikoshiki train, which means the carriages tilt at corners so the train can maintain its speed. People who get severe motion sickness may have some discomfort.

    Arrival Nagano 
    1. Arrival at Nagano is generally at platform 7 (but there are exceptions). There is an elevator and escalator in the middle of the train up to main concourse.
    2. One you get to the main concourse level there are 2 sets of gates. One connects to other JR Train lines (you do not want to pass through this one), and the other is the main exit.
    3. Exit through the Main Exit ticket gates (you don't get your tickets back here), and turn left.
    4. About 30 meters down on the left is an elevator. Take this down to the level 1 (ground floor).
    5. At the ground floor exit the elevator and do a 180 degree turn and walk down to Bus Stop 23 & 24. This is where the buses to Shiga Kogen Depart from.
    6. The bus service is provided by Nagaden Bus and you can find the bus timetable Here

    Nagano to Shiga Kogen
    1. This trip takes 70-90 minutes depending on road and weather conditions
    2. Make sure your bus is going to the right part of Shiga Kogen. All buses go to Hasuike,but from there some buses head over to Oku Shiga Kogen, while others head up to the Kumanoyu / Yokoteyama area.

    Fares and travel times
    1. Kansai Airport to Shin Osaka - 55 minutes
    2. Shin Osaka to Nagoya - 50 minutes
    3. Nagoya to Nagano - 2 hours
    4. Nagano to Shiga Kogen - 70-90 minutes
    5. Total Time (Incl Transfers) 5.5-6 hours
    6. Total Fare - Approx 15,000yen
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