Kansai Airport

Gateway to Osaka & Kyoto

Kansai Airport

Gateway to Osaka & Kyoto

Kansai Airport is located about 50km south west of central Osaka. It was one of the first off-shore airports built in the world and has a 5km long access bridge with both vehicle and train traffic crossing.

Kansai Airport has flights to most parts of the world, with more locations added often.

Apart from the main international / domestic terminal, there is also a LCC terminal on the other side of the airport, mostly serving Peach Aviation.

Terminal 1

Kansai Airport Terminal 1Terminal 1 at Kansai Airport is the main passenger terminal serving most flights in and out of the Airport. At 1.7km long, it is one of the longest airport terminals in the world.

If arriving on an international flight, you come through immigration and customs on the first floor, where you can connect directly to buses, or head across the plaza to the 2 train stations.

All domestic arrivals and departures use the 2nd floor, while international departures are up on the 4th floor.

Domestic flights use gates in the central part of the concourse (gates 17 – 25), while international flights use gates 1 – 16 (North Wing) and 25 – 41 (South Wing). As the terminal is so long, trains run from the central plaza down to the boarding gates, or you can walk along the moving walkways to stretch your legs before your flight.

The main air-side shopping area is just past immigration, with a shopping arcade. Gate areas only have coffee shops and smaller stores.

Terminal 2

Kansai Airport Terminal 2Terminal 2 is a dedicated low cost carrier (LCC) terminal and is quite sparse, having the feeling of a hanger. It is a single story building, with no air-bridges to aircraft.There is no direct rail link to this terminal, so passengers have to take a free shuttle bus from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 (about a 10 minute ride).

The terminal hosts Peach, Spring, and Jeju Air. Other LCC like Jetstar and Cebu Pacific use the main Terminal 1.

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