Narita Airport Information

Tokyo's main International Gateway

Narita Airport Information

Tokyo's main International Gateway

Narita Airport has the most international flights and is located about 60km east of central Tokyo. The airport has a long history or trouble with local residents since the government forcibly commandeered land back in the 60s. With frequent demonstrations, security was tight at the airport, with check points for those arriving by both vehicle and train. These check points only ceased operations in 2015.

Narita Airport has 3 terminals. The original Terminal 1 has been extensively redeveloped, and the only original gates are the two circular satellites on the northern side of the building. Terminal 2 opened in the early 90s, and consists of a main terminal and a satellite terminal that used to be connected by automated train services, but have since been replaced by moving walkways.

Terminal 3 was added in 2015 to serve low cost carriers and is located about 400m north of Terminal 2.

Terminal 1 is the base for All Nippon Airlines, and all Star Alliance carriers also use this terminal. Japan Airlines is based in Terminal 2, and houses all One World alliance members. Members of other alliances and independents are shared between the terminals.

Terminal 1

Narita Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is the original Narita Airport Terminal. It is a last stop on the trains and buses that run to Narita Airport.

Home to All Nippon Airways, all other Star Alliance carriers (except Air India) are based in this terminal. In addition to several ANA lounges, there is also a United Club for Star Alliance customers. Since a major renovation several years ago, there are now North and South Wings.

Between the wings (which is only a short walk) is a large shopping area with stores, cafes and restaurants.

If arriving at Terminal 1, you will be on the 1st floor. This leads straight out to bus stops, while the train stations are a escalator ride down to floor B1.

Terminal 2

Narita Airport Terminal 2

Terminal 2 opened in the early 1990s and is the main terminal for Japan Airlines. It is a large modern terminal with a main building, and then a satellite terminal with another 30 odd gates. While there used to be a train service between the main terminal and the satellite, this has been replaced with moving walkways.

Arrival is on the first floor, where you will walk straight out to the bus stop level, or take the escalator down the the B1 level to access the trains.

Terminal 3

Narita Airport Terminal 3Terminal 3 is the newest terminal at Narita Airport opening in 2015 to serve the growth in the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) market. Inline with the LCC market, this terminal is more spartan than Terminal 1 or 2.

It is a 650m walk from Terminal 2, which is the nearest train station. This will be walked by following the well signposted walkway, or passengers can use the free shuttle bus. Allow an extra 40 minutes or so if you are using Terminal 3 and are planning to connect to a train or the Nagano Snow Shuttle service.

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