Spicy Rentals

Hakuba’s oldest and largest Rental Outlet

Spicy Rentals is a locally owned and operated rental outlet in Hakuba Valley. It is one of the oldest and most established operators in town, with a history of good equipment and excellent service.

They have a wide range of equipment, and will match your equipment with your level.

You can change equipment free of charge at any store in the valley.

With stores near most resorts, any equipment issues will be sorted out quickly and without further cost.

Most stores have some equipment for sale at good prices.

Happo, Wadano and Iwatake outlets open daily during 21-22 Season. Echoland outlet opens during New Years holidays only. Happo Gondola outlet closes for this season.

Rental Rates

Premium Ski or Board Packages

Adult – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard + Boots¥6,300¥11,300¥15,900¥20,300¥24,200¥28,000¥31,000
Adult – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard ¥5,500¥10,000¥14,200¥18,300¥21,900¥25,200¥28,100

Standard Ski or Board Packages

Adult – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard + Boots¥4,800¥8,800¥12,300¥15,300¥18,300¥20,800¥22,800
Adult – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard ¥4,000¥7,300¥10,300¥13,300¥16,100¥18,500¥20,500
Kids – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard + Boots¥3,200¥5,800¥8,000¥9,800¥11,00¥12,200¥13,400
Kids – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard ¥2,700¥5,200¥7,200¥8,700¥10,000¥11,200¥12,400

Clothing & Accessories

Adult Jacket AND Pants¥3,600¥6,600¥8,600¥10,000¥11,400¥12,600¥13,600
Adult Jacket OR Pants¥1,800¥3,300¥4,300¥5,000¥5,700¥6,300¥6,800
Kids Jacket AND Pants¥2,200¥3,800¥4,800¥5,800¥6,800¥7,800¥8,800
Kids Jacket OR Pants¥1,100¥1,900¥2,400¥2,900¥3,400¥3,900¥4,400
Adults Ski or Snowboard Boots¥2,700¥4,800¥6,900¥8,900¥10,900¥12,800¥14,600
Kids Ski or Snowboard Boots¥1,600¥2,700¥3,800¥4,900¥6,000¥7,000¥8,000
Snowboard Binding¥2,000¥3,600¥5,400¥7,000¥8600¥10,100¥11,600
Ski Poles¥1,100¥1,900¥2,700¥3,400¥4,000¥4,500¥4,900

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