Getting Around Madarao Kogen

You are mostly on your own!

Madarao Kogen is one place where it is better to stay within walking distance of the slopes (or have a host who is prepared to shuttle you) as there is no day or night shuttle services in the area.

Madarao Kogen does not have any local taxi services either. To order a taxi you will be need to call one up form Iiyama Station. Iyama Kanko Hire and Nagano Kotsu Taxi both operate out of Iiyama Station. It takes about 30 minutes for a taxi to get to you in winter.

The Shuttle buses from Iiyama station make 3-4 stops in the central areas of Madarao Kogen and can sometimes be used to get a short distance.

If planning to visit Nozawa or Madarao Kogen, then renting a car can be a great idea.

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