Getting Around Nozawa Onsen


Much of the accommodation in Nozawa Onsen is within walking distance of the ski slopes. Depending on your location in Nozawa Onsen there are 4 main options for getting around Nozawa Onsen and getting to the lifts.

  1. Walk
  2. Shuttle Bus from Chuo Terminal
  3. Yu-Road Escalator
  4. Shinyu Pair lift

Free Shuttle Bus

From late December until the end of March a free shuttle bus service operates from Chuo Terminal in central Nozawa, up to the Gondola Station in Nagasaka. There are generally 2-3 buses an hour during peak hours on weekdays, with extra services on Weekends and busy periods.

The bus takes about 15-20 minutes to get from Chuo Terminal to Nagasaka Gondola, depending on traffic.

Yu Road

Yu-Road is a 288m long covered escalator that runs from the Upper part of the Hot Spring town up to the Hikage Gondola area. The ride takes about 10 minutes. From the central part of town it is an uphill walk to the base station, and not too easy in ski boots. Once on the lift it is plain sailing, although you do need to lean forward to stay balanced.

Shinyu Pair Lift

The Shinyu pair is an access lift from the accommodation area in the Northern part of Nozawa Onsen, up to the slopes at Hikage.

Note that this lift was closed for the 2020-21 season due to the decrease in customer numbers caused by the Corona Virus.

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