Nozawa Central Rentals

Nozawa Central Rentals is a long established rental outlet in the middle of Nozawa Onsen Village.

A wide range of quality equipment, and a dedicated team of experienced professionals will ensure you get the right gear for you level of ability.

Their process is simple. You have a choice of Standard or Performance Equipment.

Standard gear is for those just starting out or on  limited budget. Performance on the other hand, is a premium range of the latest models, with the ability to swap your gear twice during the rental period depending on the conditions.

Nozawa Central Rentals also have a storage locker and drying room near the Nagasaka Gondola, where you can drop off you gear after you are done on the slopes, and pick it up, dry and warm before you start the next day. No need to haul your gear back to your accommodation every day.


Rental Rates

Performance Ski or Board Packages

Adult – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard + Boots¥4,400¥8,000¥11,900¥15,900¥19,800¥23,800¥27,800
Adult – Board or Ski only¥3,300¥6,000¥9,000¥11,900¥14,900¥17,900¥20,800
Adult – Boots only¥1,500¥2,700¥4,100¥5,400¥6,800¥8,100¥9,500

Standard Ski or Board Packages

Adult – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard + Boots¥3,300¥6,000¥9,000¥12,000¥15,000¥18,000¥21,000
Adult – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard ¥2,200¥4,000¥6,000¥8,000¥10,000¥11,900¥13,900
Adult – Standard Boots¥1,000¥1,800¥2,700¥3,600¥4,500¥5,400¥6,300
Kids – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard + Boots¥2,200¥4,000¥6,000¥8,000¥10,000¥11,900¥13,900
Kids – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard¥1,650¥3,000¥4,500¥6,000¥7,500¥9,000¥10,400

Clothing & Accessories

Adult – Wear Pants & Jacket¥2,000¥3,600¥5,400¥7,200¥9,000¥10,800¥12,600
Adult – One-Piece Wear(Pants or Jacket)¥1,000¥1,800¥2,700¥3,600¥4,500¥5,400¥6,300
Adult – Goggles &Gloves¥1,000¥1,800¥2,700¥3,600¥4,500¥5,400¥6,300
Kids – Boots¥750¥1,400¥2,100¥2,700¥3,400¥4,100¥4,800
Kids – Wear Pants & Jacket¥1,500¥2,700¥4,100¥5,400¥6,800¥8,100¥9,500
Kids – One-Piece Wear(Pants or Jacket)¥750¥1,400¥2,100¥2,700¥3,400¥4,100¥4,800
Kids – Goggles &Gloves¥750¥1,400¥2,100¥2,700¥3,400¥4,100¥4,800
Adult or Kids – Helmet¥500¥900¥1,400¥1,800¥2,300¥2,700¥3,200
Snow shoes¥1,500¥2,700¥4,100¥5,400¥6,800¥8,100¥9,450

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