Zenkoji Temple in Nagano

Getting from Nagano Station to Shiga Kogen


Nagano is the main gateway to Shiga Kogen and a vast majority of visitors will pass through Nagano Station on their way to Shiga Kogen.

Nagano is about 40km West of Shiga Kogen and is accessed via the route 292 which snakes it’s way up from the Snow Monkey park and Yudanaka Onsen township, gaining over 800m in elevation over a 15km stretch.

Nagano Station

Nagano Station Link Concourse

Nagano Station is modern, and is quite easy to understand.

There are 2 entrances / exits to the terminal – Zenkoji (West) Exit, and Higashi (East) Exit. There is a link concourse that runs between the exits.

Apart from JR, Shinano Rail Co (to Karuizawa and Myoko Kogen), and Nagano Dentetsu (Nagaden) Rail Co (access to the Snow Monkeys) also share the station. Shinano Rail Co, uses the same platforms as JR, while Nagaden have a separate underground platform.

The Shinkansen Bullet train and the Regular JR, Shinano Lines have separate entrances/exits, but there is a transfer gate between the two.

Most people will be coming off the Shinkansen Bullet train to connect to the bus.

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