Shiga Kogen Shuttle Bus

Getting Around Shiga Kogen


Shiga Kogen is a very large area, and while much of it can be covered by ski lift, it is often quicker to jump on a shuttle bus to get around.

You’ll need to take a shuttle bus if heading between the Yokoteyama / Kumanoyu area and the main area of Shiga Kogen as there are no lifts between these areas.

Also care is needed at the end of the day, or in inclement weather as shuttle may be the only way to get between areas.

There is an extensive shuttle bus network in Shiga Kogen. Skiers may use most of the buses for free, however all buses heading to Nagano Station,and some buses heading to Yudanaka Station are excluded.

The buses are operated by Nagaden Bus and are generally Red and Yellow in color.

All buses run to/from the Shiga Kogen Yamanoeki Hub.

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