Shiga Kogen Medical and Emergency Services

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Japanese Police CarThere is a police residence in Hasuike, but this is a one-man operation, with day light hours only. After hours will require the issue be dealt with at the Nakano Police Station.

Phone Number is +81-269-34-2109

Emergency number is 100

Paramedic and Medical Care

Inside a Japanese AmbulanceThere is a small medical clinic located at the Ichinose Diamond Ski Area. This clinic offers basic orthopedic services, but all major injuries will require and ambulance trip.

There are ambulance and fire services in Shiga Kogen located in 98-Kan building across from the Mountain Station near Hasuike


Japanese HospitalIn case of sickness or injury, ambulances will transfer patients down to one of several large hospitals located within a one-hour radius of the resort.

Note that at the time of departure, the ambulance may not know where it is heading as it will be contacting hospitals to find where the nearest specialist, depending on the nature of the sickness / injury.

The closest main hospital is Hokushin General Hospital about 35 minutes drive from Shiga Kogen.

Medivac helicopters also use Hokushin General, or head further to Nagano Red Cross.

Dentist & Pharmacies

The closest Dental Practice and Pharmacy is located in Yudanaka, about 30 minutes’ drive from Shiga Kogen.

It pays to bring any medication with you when coming to Shiga Kogen as you will waste the best part of a day trying to find what you need in the Shiga Kogen area.

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