Wining and Dining in Shiga Kogen

Limited Options but some Gems

For such a large resort, Shiga Kogen has very limited nightlife. This stems from the short stay style of most Japanese visitors. When the Japanese guests only stay 1 or 2 nights, then it is not a problem to eat in at your accommodation for the duration of the stay. But with the growth of the international market, often staying 5 – 6 nights it has become something of an issue.

And combine this with very little in the way of transport services (no taxis or shuttle buses ay night), you can only go out as far as you can walk. Which, after a long day on the slopes and freezing temperatures at night, is not a popular option.

For most, the best place to stay is in the Ichinose Area, or at one of the Prince Hotels, as this does allow for some outside dining options.

On the positive side, Shiga Kogen does have some excellent lunch spots, with great cafes, and many hotels opening their restaurants to the general public. Making lunch your main meal of the day can be the best option.


Shiga Kogen only has a few bars. The most well known is the Teppa Room at Chalet Shiga in Ichinose. This bar serves Shiga Kogen Beer on tap.

It’s one of the few stand alone bars in Shiga Kogen allowing non-staying guests in.

Most restaurants do have alcohol sales , and will let you in only to drink if you like.

Your accommodation will almost always have somewhere to buy alcohol (either a vending machine or shop), and lobbies can often become make shift bars at a pinch.


Most of the best places to get a cup of coffee are on the slopes.

The Crumpet café at the top of the Yokoteyama ski area offers great views and coffees.

Another food place to relax over a brew is the top of the Higashidateyama Gondola.

There are also a couple of café in Ichinose that can be worth relaxing at for a chat.


There are only a couple of stand alone restaurants in Shiga Kogen. One of the most well known is the Kamoshika Curry House in the Hotel Shiga Japan in Ichinose. This place serves authentic Nepalese curries with hand made nan.

Many of the hotels have restaurants where outsiders can dine, however much hotel food in Shiga Kogen is quite bland, as they are used to mass producing for large groups. The Prince Hotel group as a number of good restaurants, but call ahead to see if you can get in.

Several of the Ski Resort restaurants stay open in the evening, and many have upped their game in the last few years.

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