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Nagano Snow Tours

Welcome to Nagano Snow Tours, from JHN Travel Ltd.

The northern part of Nagano Prefecture is the ideal spot for your next Japan Snow Vacation.

As the cold air coming off Siberia heads across the Japan Sea, it picks up moisture. This in turn falls as snow once the air makes landfall. Being only 50km from the coast, the Shinshu (the old name for Nagano) region gets over 10meters of snowfall every year.

This makes the area a skiers paradise, with deep powder snow that is light and easy to ski through.

The region hosted the 1998 winter Olympics, and has become one of the major inbound destinations in Japan.

The region has 4 major ski resorts, each with it's own unique atmosphere. Most well known is the Hakuba Ski Resort, which is made up of 9 different areas spead across the valley.

Nozawa Onsen is also becoming popular, and while smaller then Hakuba, it has a great village at the base, and is a traditional hot spring resort.

Located in the Joshinetsu National Park is Japan's largest ski resort Shiga Kogen. With over 90 lifts, and the highest elevation of any resort in Japan, this is the place where you find the champange powder.

And not to be forgotten is Myoko Kogen, located just across the border in neighboring Niigata Prefecture.

Here at JHN Travel we contract directly with suppliers, and we operate the Nagano Snow Shuttle service from Narita Airport to the resorts, as well as daily shuttle services between the resorts. So you will not find a better deal anywhere.