Haneda Airport

Japan's Largest Airport

Haneda Airport

Japan's Largest Airport

Haneda Airport has only opened to international flights in the last 10 years or so and is still mainly a domestic airport. It is located a lot closer to central Tokyo than Narita Airport. With Narita Airport closing it’s runways between Midnight and 6AM, and the completion of the 4th off shore runway, Haneda has seen a rapid increase in the number of international flights. Originally slots for international flights were only going to be given to those landing between 11PM and 7AM, but additional slots have been granted during day time hours.

Haneda Airport has 3 distinct terminals. Terminals 1 and 2 are for domestic flights only and house Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways respectively (along with the subsidiaries). The separate international terminal opened in 2010, and serves all international flights.

Terminal 1

Haneda Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 replaced the outdated Haneda Airport Passenger terminal back in 1993, and is a large part of the resurgence of Haneda Airport. It was nicknamed “Big Bird” and hosted all operations until Terminal 2 opened in 2004.

Currently it only has domestic flights.

Japan Airlines, Skymark Airlines and some of the StarFlyer flights arrive and depart from this terminal.

Terminal 2

Haneda Airport Terminal 2Terminal 2 opened on Dec 1, 2004. It relieved the growing pressure on Terminal 1, and established Haneda Airport as a world class airport that has featured highly in the skytrax rating ever since.

It is the base of All Nippon Airways, and it’s subsidiaries , Air Do, Solaseed Air and also a few StarFlyer flights use this terminal. Until 2020 it was domestic only, but due to the growing demand at Haneda fro international flights, some ANA International flights now arrive at Terminal 2 also.

Terminal 3

Haneda Airport Terminal 3Terminal 3 was originally called the “International” Terminal, as until March 2020, all international flights arrived and departed here. The newest terminal at Haneda, demand quickly outgrew the facility and a large addition was added. Even with the extra gates, demand was too much, and some ANA flights now use Terminal 2 for international flights, hence the name change to Terminal 3.

It does have quality international lounges, with JAL, ANA, and Cathy Pacific all have a presence here.

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