Hakuba Valley Lift Passes

All Hakuba Resorts on One Pass

You can purchase this in advance from registered travel agents or at Hakuba Base Camp. These lift passes are valid for 1 – 14 days, and apart from the 1 day pass, include rest days along the way. So, for example, a 6 day lift pass is valid for a 10 day period, meaning you can ski for 6 out of 10 days.

The advantages to this pass are follows

  1. You do not have to line up at the lift ticket office at each ski resort each morning. You can ski straight on to the lifts.
  2. Users of the Hakuba Valley lift passes can ride the Hakuba Valley Shuttle buses free of charge (usually 510yen per person one way).
  3. You can ski as many resorts in a day as you want, which is useful if a certain resort has to close due to weather.
  4. You can purchase in advance and have it waiting for pick up at Hakuba Base Camp, or delivered to your accommodation prior to your check in.

Conversely, the disadvantages to this pass are

  1. They only come in Adult and Child Variants, so Seniors and Youths miss out
  2. It is non-refundable once purchased, so if you get injured or have to leave earlier than planned you need to make an insurance claim
  3. It is generally cheaper to buy daily lift passes for a specific resort.

On the whole, those looking for convenience and flexibility, the Hakuba Valley Lift pass is probably a better option, while those on tight budgets, seniors and youth may be better investigating getting a one resort pass on a daily basis.

Hakuba Valley Lift Pass Prices 2022-23








1 Day Only. Anyday during Ski Season




Valid for 2 days over a 4 day period




Valid for 3 days over a 6 day period




Valid for 4 days over an 8 day period




Valid for 5 days over a 10 day period




Valid for 6 days over a 11 day period




Valid for 7 days over a 12 day period




Valid for 8 days over a 13 day period




Valid for 9 days over a 14 day period




Valid for 10 days over a 16 day period




Valid for 11 days over a 17 day period




Valid for 12 days over a 19 day period




Valid for 13days over a 20 day period




Valid for 14 days over a 22 day period



The valid days of each lift ticket are activated when the ticket is scanned either at the lift gate or the first ride on the HV shuttle bus occurs. Each ticket has an validity period. If you do not finish using the lift-ticket within the validity period, the remaining unused days will be invalid. In addition, when the lift ticket expires, you will not be able to board the HV shuttle bus after that.


  • Valid at 9 mountains in Hakuba Valley, Goryu, Hakuba47, Happo-one, Iwatake,Tsugaike Kogen, Norikura, Cortina, Jiigatake and Kashimayari.
  • Adults are from 13 years and above. Child is 6 to 12 years old. From 5 years and under, lift tickets are free of charge.
  • No deposit is required.
  • One lift ticket is valid only for one person and cannot be used by several people.
  • You may ski at all 10 snow resorts on one ticket.
  • Ticket exchange is required at the ticket window at Jiigatake.
  • Each ticket type has a validity period, please use the ticket within the number of valid days.
  • Operation dates and hours varies at each ski resort.
  • Not valid for night skiing
  • Cannot be reissued,not available for resale,non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Misuse of the ticket will result in your ticket being confiscated and consequently banned from using the lifts.
  • You can use the bus for free on your skiing days only. When you ride the shuttle bus, please show your Hakuba Valley tickets to the bus conductor.

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