Medical Assistance and Emergencies in Madarao Kogen

There are no hospitals or clinics in Madarao Kogen. In case of ambulance evacuation, patients will be transfered to either Iiyama Red Cross Hospital (30 minutes), Hokushin General Hospital (35 minutes), or Nagano Shimin Hospital (45-50 minutes). Often ambulance staff on site will not be able to tell where they are headed until after they depart the scene, as they will be in constant contact with the hospitals and will be directed to the hospital with the best facilities, and specialists on duty,  to cope with the current situation.

There is also a emergency helicopter for extreme cases, which generally transport patients to Nagano Red Cross Hospital, a 10 minute flight from Madarao.

For other health related issues, no requiring emergency services, the closest hospital is Iiyama Red Cross Hospital, located 5 minutes walk from JR Iiyama Station. It is open Weekdays only from 8:30am.

The level of English spoken by the doctors varies, but they all should be able to conduct a basic assessment and explain the diagnosis to you.

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