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Tokyo is a massive city, with several large transport hubs. Unless you arrange a private transfer, you will probably be transiting through JR Tokyo Station.

Below we summarize the easiest route to Myoko Kogen from Tokyo Station by Public Transport. If you’d like advice on other routes, please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry.

Tokyo Station signs to ShinkansenTokyo Station

Many people prefer to use the world famous Shinkansen Bullet train as part of their transfer. This is indeed a great option, but the main issue is luggage. The bullet trains have very limited luggage space, especially for skis and snowboards. If you have a few days in Tokyo before your ski vacation, then we recommend sending all your ski gear to your ski resort accommodation, and traveling light while in Tokyo.

Tokyo Station is a massive station, the 3rd busiest in Japan (after Shinjuku and Ikebukuro). It averages over 450,000 passengers per day, and that’s just the JR lines.

There are entrances on the West Side (Marunouchi Entrance), and East Side (Yaesu Entrance).

Tokyo Station signs to Shinkansen
Tokyo Station signs to Shinkansen
Tokyo Station is well signposted and to get to the Shinkansen platform, you follow the signs (pictured right). The blue logo is for the Shinkansen west to Nagoya and Osaka, so follow the Green Logo which includes the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Nagano.

There is a double ticket gate system to use the Shinkansen Bullet trains. You first enter the main concourse, follow the green signs to the Shinkansen ticket gates, where you insert your tickets into the ticket gate again. Always remembering to collect your tickets as you pass through the gates.

The Hokuriku Shinkansen departs from platforms 20-23. The departures are displayed in Japanese and English. The platforms are on level 2, so you take the escalator up to the platform from the main concourse.

Once on the platform, the carriage numbers are displayed overhead. This is exactly where the car doors will open.

Note that when the train arrives at Tokyo station, it will be cleaned and serviced before passengers are allowed to board. Boarding generally only starts 3-4 minutes before departure.

JR Ticket OfficeBuying Tickets

JR Ticket Office
Tickets can be purchased at any JR Station in Tokyo. You can purchase from a ticket vending machine, or from a counter at a ticket office.

Larger stations may also have a travel service center for foreign visitors, where multi lingual staff are available.

Payment can be made in cash or by credit card, but there have been issues where foreign issued credit cards do get rejected, so it pays to bring a couple.

If purchasing from a counter, then tell the attendant your origin and destination (train station, not ski resort). The attendant will show you the next available train times.

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