Medical Assistance and Emergencies in Myoko Kogen


Medical responses in Myoko Kogen depend on the situation and the weather conditions. There are both ambulance and helicopter services available.

In almost all cases, patients will be transported to the Niigata Prefectural Hospital in Myoko Kogen. By ambulance, this is about a 10 minute trip. When calling an ambulance, it will generally be on the scene within 15 minutes.

While there are a number of clinics in Myoko Kogen City, in most cases it is best just to head directly to the Niigata Prefectural Hospital in Myoko Kogen as this is a large general hospital covering all types on injury and sickness.

Dentists & Pharmacies

There is a dentist located close to Myoko Station that is open weekdays and Saturdays, but closed on Sundays and public holidays.

While there is a small pharmacy located in Akakura Onsen, near the Akakura Onsen Hotel, for a larger, general purpose pharmacy, most people head down to the Matsumoto Kiyoshi Sekiyama Store located on route 18, about 10 minutes’ drive from Akakura Onsen

Ski Resort Injuries

If you are injured on a ski resort, then the ski patrol are the first responders. They will assess the situation, transport you to the base of the resort (or call in a helicopter for extreme cases), and then either arrange an ambulance for you, or if the injury is not too serious, call a taxi for you.

Unlike other countries, ski patrol cannot give you pain relief. They will try and make you as comfortable as possible, but the ride down the mountain may be painful.

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