Nozawa Sports Thanx

Next to the Nagasaka Gondola

Nozawa Sports Thanx is one of premium ski/snowboard rental outlets in Nozawa Onsen.

Located right in front of the Nagasaka Gondola, there is no need to haul your gear back and forth everyday. The outlet has a special drying room for guests renting for multiple days so you can drop your equipment off and have it waiting dry and warm for you the next morning.

With stock from over 20 countries around the world, they will have something to suit your needs, and being located so close to the gondola, you can change your gear according to the snow conditions on the day.

There is also a full tune up service onsite for any little malfunctions with your own gear as well.

And what’s more, you get a 10% discount if you book through us in advance.

Rental Rates 2021-22

Premium Adult Ski or Board Packages

Premium – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard Standard Price¥3,800¥7,300¥10,300¥13,300¥15,800¥18,300¥20,800Contact us
Discount Price¥3,420¥6,570¥9,270¥11,970¥14,220¥16,470¥18,720
Premium – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard + BootsStandard Price¥4,800¥9,300¥13,300¥17,300¥20,800¥24,300¥27,800
Discount Price¥4,320¥8,370¥11,970¥15,570¥18,720¥21,870¥25,020
Premium – Ski or Snowboard BootsStandard Price¥2,500¥4,300¥6,100¥7,900¥9,700¥11,500¥13,000

Standard Adult Ski or Board Packages

Standard – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard Standard Price¥2,800¥5,300¥7,300¥9,300¥10,800¥12,300¥13,800
Discount Price¥2,520¥4,770¥6,570¥8,370¥9,720¥11,070¥12,420
Standard – Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard + BootsStandard Price¥3,800¥7,300¥10,300¥13,300¥15,800¥18,300¥20,800
Discount Price¥3,420¥6,570¥9,270¥11,970¥14,220¥16,470¥18,720
Standard – Skis or Snowboard BootsStandard Price¥1,500¥2,600¥3,900¥5,200¥6,500¥7,800¥8,600
Discount Price¥1,350¥2,340¥3,510¥4,680¥5,850¥7,020¥7,740

Adult Clothing & Accessories

Jacket and PantsStandard Price¥3,000¥5,500¥8,000¥10,500¥12,000¥13,500¥15,000Contact us
Discount Price¥2,700¥4,950¥7,200¥9,450¥10,800¥12,150¥13,500
Jackets or PantsStandard Price¥1,500¥2,850¥4,200¥5,550¥6,900¥8,250¥9,250
Discount Price¥1,350¥2,565¥3,780¥4,995¥6,210¥7,425¥8,325
Helmet / Gloves / GogglesStandard Price¥500¥950¥1,400¥1,850¥2,300¥2,400¥2,500
Discount Price¥450¥855¥1,260¥1,665¥2,070¥2,160¥2,250

Kid’s Items

Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard Standard Price¥2,000¥3,500¥5,000¥6,500¥7,500¥8,500¥9,500Contact us
Discount Price¥1,800¥3,150¥4,500¥5,850¥6,750¥7,650¥8,550
Skis (and Poles) or Snowboard + BootsStandard Price¥2,500¥4,500¥6,500¥8,500¥10,000¥11,500¥13,000
Discount Price¥2,250¥4,050¥5,850¥7,650¥9,000¥10,350¥11,700
Ski or Snowboard BootsStandard Price¥1,500¥2,500¥3,500¥4,500¥5,200¥5,900¥6,600
Discount Price¥1,350¥2,250¥3,150¥4,050¥4,680¥5,310¥5,940
Jacket and PantsStandard Price¥2,000¥3,500¥5,000¥6,500¥7,500¥8,500¥9,500
Discount Price¥1,800¥3,150¥4,500¥5,850¥6,750¥7,650¥8,550
Jacket or PantsStandard Price¥1,000¥1,800¥2,500¥3,300¥4,100¥4,900¥5,400
Discount Price¥900¥1,620¥2,250¥2,970¥3,690¥4,410¥4,860

Kids are 12 years old or younger

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