While not quite developed as much as Nozawa Onsen or Hakuba Valley, Myoko Kogen does have a growing number of wining and dining establishments.

Most are centered on the Akakura area, but a must for everyone is the Tatora Kan Buffet located near the Hotel Alpen Blick in Suginohara.

This is the home of Myoko Kogen Beer, and the buffet with fresh seafood, including delicious crab, and many other dishes is a must for all visiting Myoko Kogen.

Apart from the restaurants in the Akakura and Ski resort areas, many locals dine out in the central part of Myoko Kogen to the west of the station, and there are a number of “drive in” restaurants along route 18.

For a real treat, head into Joetsu City and try one of the many fresh seafood restaurants there. Fresh from the markets everyday, a few even have live fish tanks where you can select your meal and have it prepared before your eyes.

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There are not a lot of out and out bars in Myoko Kogen, and many restaurants double as bars.

Most bars close around midnight, but check with the management.

Our Favorites
Jack’s Bar, Myoko Kogen Beer Tatora Kan


There are several place in Myoko Kogen to get a good cup of coffee.

Even most  ski resort have places serving decent beans.

Our Favorites

Akakura Cafe, Cafe Terrace (Akakura Kanko Hotel)



kaisekiThere are quite a range of Japanese Restaurants in Akakura. And as the range of Japanese food is so wide, you can try a new place ever night and not get the same menu twice.

There are a few Izakaya Pubs, noodle shops, and other offerings.


Our Favorites

Shibata, A.I.R Myoko, Samurai


There are a few Non-Japanese restaurants in Akakura. But much of the Japanese fare in town is fusion cuisine and is suited to the international visitor.

Beer and Burgers make for a quick meal after a day on the slopes, while there are also Italian, Indian and Swiss options also.

Our Favorites

Mr Burger, Pomodoro

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